Terms and Conditions: social media subscriptions


The client may upgrade to a package of higher cost. The Client however cannot downgrade from an existing package.

The monthly packages require a minimum 3 month term comittment, the quarterly package requires a minimum 12 month term comittment. Cancellations require at least a months notice and can be inititated after the first 3 payments.


Purchase of service requires the first instalment to be paid upfront. An automatic recurring payment will be withdrawn monthly reflecting your checkout date. Failure to clear funds within 7 days will incur late fees of 10%.


All scheduling of monthly shoots is the responsibility of The Client. Cancellation of a shoot requires 48 hours notice in advance.

Upon Cancellation the client will be required to rebook a preferred date. There may be limited availability due to other client bookings. Limited availability as a result of a cancellation may involve the clients shoot rolling into the next month.

If the Client fails to book in their monthly shoot for that particular month there is a grace period whereby it will roll into the following month to catch up. Failure to book in the catch up shoot means The Client loses that shoot post-grace period.

The Client shall receive all retouched images at an estimated delivery of 24-36hrs after the shoot. The photographer may however inform the client of changes to delivery timings 48 hrs prior to the shoot.


The Client assumes rights to reproduce and display all work upon payment for the completed project.

The Photographer retains the right to make adaptations to the work and also personal rights to use the completed images for the purpose of photography competitions, publications on photography, educational purposes and the marketing (This includes social media channels) of The Photographer’s business. This may only occur after the images have been made publicly available.

Where applicable The Photographer will be given any necessary credit for usage of the images. The client is to use the credit @maddibazzoccophotography


The Client shall not unreasonably withhold acceptance of, or payment for their package. The Client shall bear all costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney’s fees in any action brought to recover payment under this contract or in which The Photographer may become a party by reason of this contract.

Upon purchase of a package the client agrees to the contract terms of the minimum commitment period, 3 months for monthly subscriptions and 12 months

for quarterly subscriptions.

If prior to completion of the three month term, the Client requests a cancellation they will be required to pay out the balance of their minimum term including their additional notice period.

Cancellation after the minimum term requires at least one month’s notice. This notice period is outside of the minimum term. The Subscription package will cease one month from the date of received notice. Please note a photo shoot and images will still occur within the notice period month.


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